Dave Cullern & James Domestic 'Cruor' Book (Limited)

  • Dave Cullern & James Domestic 'Cruor' Book (Limited)

Dave Cullern & James Domestic 'Cruor' Book (Limited)

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'Cruor' by Dave Cullern and James Domestic
100 page poetry collection
Release date; 19th September 2022
Available from Kibou Records / Fuck Ballads

Cruor is a brand new 100 page poetry collection from Dave Cullern and James Domestic released
on 19th September 2022.

In equal parts combative and hilarious, raging and gentle, this poetry collection brings together
the writings of two very recognisable voices from the UK DIY punk scene in Dave Cullern
(Haest/The Dead Anyways) and James Domestic (The Domestics/PI$$ER/Botched Toe/Tokyo Lungs etc.).

Now freed from the beer covered floors and distorted noise of the punk venue, both speak with a rare honesty throughout these eye opening and compelling pages. They take on everything from ageing disgracefully to toxic masculinity, politics to love, conspiracy theorists to fake punks, and celebrities to Brexiteers, all written with the same raw, honest voices that both are respectively known for in their lyrics.

If you would like to arrange an interview with the writers, or require any other information, please contact shamcityroasters@gmail.com or kibourecords@hotmail.co.uk

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